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Kevin Armentrout

Living with Purpose

If you asked me years ago what my life might look like today, I can assure you, nothing I said would’ve resembled what it has become – an author, a fitness professional, personal development coach, public speaker, and reoccurring guest for Tony Robbins. And all this pales in comparison to being a great husband and an even better father. None of these things I would have ever thought possible a decade ago. After the Marine Corps, I struggled, I had some dark times, I made massive mistakes and lived with a mountain of regret. But if I could overcome obstacles and breakthrough barriers, then anyone can. With the right tools, the proper mindset, and a clear focus, anything is possible. It has become my primary focus to share my story with as many as I can so that they might see that their stories are not yet written. Through mindfulness, physical fitness, and a healthy approach to living, we can define our life’s true Purpose.


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This is my first book, Relentless State of Mind – The Power of Mental Conditioning. I began writing to help myself overcome certain obstacles in my life. By putting pen to paper, I began to deal with the personal struggles that I, like so many of our combat veterans, face daily. My initial intentions were to write something that would not just benefit myself, but the entire veteran community. But throughout my journey, I have realized that so many of us face the same obstacles. Similar issues and problems we could overcome if we just knew how to think through them. Instead of writing something that pertained to veterans, Relentless State of Mind was written to serve everyone. If you want to think differently, talk positively, and rewrite your story, this book is for you.   

Your mindset is the driving force behind every aspect of your life from your health, to your relationships, to how much money you make. It can be a destructive force… OR it can be your most powerful asset when it comes to overcoming obstacles and achieving your personal and financial goals. It’s up to you to decide. In this course, you will learn how to instantly re-frame your mindset and start creating greater joy, deeper fulfillment and unstoppable success.

All you have to do? Commit to learning – and be Relentless. What are you waiting for?


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