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Higher Education or Political Influence ?

As one steps foot onto a college campus, inspiration and potential seem limitless. The future, in every sense of the word, lies behind every door. A mixing…

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No-School for My Kid

As my daughter continues to grow and learn, I’ve been thinking a lot about the education path that she will soon begin. The thought of public school…

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Morning Mental Energy

If you had to decide on mental energy or physical energy, which would you prefer? Did you realize, that by honestly answering this question, you just lost…

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What to Give Up for Lent

God doesn’t care about your Snickers! There, I said it, someone had to. Our Lord and Savior is also not concerned with your lack of television, soda,…

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Our Public School Systems

Hey Greg Salcido, if you’re looking for work and can’t seem to find anything. You can always join the military, ya know since you’ll have no other…

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