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7 Steps to a Perfect Home Gym

I have been dreaming of a personal home gym for as long as I can remember — something I have envisioned, done sketches of, and even made…

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Goodbye KONA Girl

Man’s best friend I have had Kona for almost ten years now. I had waited a long time to be personally ready and have an appropriate place…

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Veteran PTSD Therapy doesn’t HELP.

Tell me something I don’t know Sitting with my morning coffee, my wife leans over to share with me a headline from her Google alerts, “VA, DoD…

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Timing isn’t Everything, Timing is Nothing

Just Two Days There is no right time for anything, ever. There isn’t a perfect time to start something or to quit something. The only time you…

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Why My Daughters Come Second

Let me explain… In today’s ever-changing society, I want my daughters to know one thing – they’re second best. My daughters will grow up with advancements in…

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