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Morning Mental Energy

If you had to decide on mental energy or physical energy, which would you prefer? Did you realize, that by honestly answering this question, you just lost…

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What to Give Up for Lent

God doesn’t care about your Snickers! There, I said it, someone had to. Our Lord and Savior is also not concerned with your lack of television, soda,…

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Our Public School Systems

Hey Greg Salcido, if you’re looking for work and can’t seem to find anything. You can always join the military, ya know since you’ll have no other…

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My Daughter comes Second

In today’s ever changing society, I want my daughter to know one thing – she’s second best. My daughter will grow up with advancements in technology that…

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Fighting Holes

This Monday morning, I am headed back home after Tony Robbins Date with Destiny this past week in Florida. This week, something weighed on me that I…

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